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Sea turtle release and a beach walk

May 2015
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Friday we went to our local beach to see 3 Green Sea Turtles released back into the ocean.

seaturtlesThey were so cute! Afterwards we took a beach walk.  The tide was out and the weather was a little overcast.  We didn’t find any good shells but on the way back I looked down and spotted this Great White (pretty sure) shark tooth.  Unfortunately it was broken perfectly in half longwise.  So disappointed, but still a pretty cool find.  After, we went downtown and visited the library and then had the first frozen yogurt of the year.  This week of school has been so relaxed and fun.



  1. Karen @ Homeschool Girls says:

    Have you ever read “The Beach House” by Mary Alice Monroe? I loved that book!!! I have always wanted to see sea turtles released.

    • Becky says:

      I haven’t but I just added it to my wish list! Thank you. A few years ago we saw them excavate a nest and help hatchlings that hadn’t made it out. That was so cool. There’s photos somewhere on my facebook of it.

  2. Karen @ Homeschool Girls says:

    Oh Becky I think you will LOVE it!! I read the ‘blurbs’ at the beginning of each chapter to Keilee. I’ve actually read it twice. Can’t wait to hear what you think of it. 🙂

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